"Smile Tea" Organic Kabusecha Sencha Green Tea (Loose Leaf) Award Winning in 2018, 10grams

"Smile Tea" Organic Kabusecha Sencha Green Tea (Loose Leaf) Award Winning in 2018, 10grams

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About the tea

  • TRADITIONAL JAPANESE SENCHA - Smile Tea loose leaf sencha is our prized product. Each bag of natural and traditional Japanese tea is full of anti-oxidants and contains carefully selected, and crafted tea leaves weighing 100 grams in weight.
  • NATURALLY GROWN - Our premium Sencha green tea is sustainably grown by farmers in the Kirishima mountain region. Nature supplies the Sencha plant with pure spring water, rich soil from volcanic activity, clean air, and well-balanced sunshine/shade. 
  • STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN - Our delicious loose leaf green tea is exported from the mountain regions of Kagoshima, Japan. It is shade-grown "Kabusecha" with a hint of floral note along with a flavor full of Umami savory taste.
  • CRAFTED BY THE MASTERS - Unlike other Japanese green tea on the market, ours is crafted by our companies 10th-grade tea master. Our family-owned Birouen teahouse has a long and rich history. We specialize in Japanese sencha green tea and have been serving tea for the past 140 years. 
  • DRINK HOT OR COLD - The sencha tea can either be brewed traditionally with hot boiling water or brewed with ice. For a cold brew place, 3 tea spoon or roughly 9gm of loose tea leaves into a cup and add one or two ice cubes. The brew will be ready when the ice melts.

Umami Savory Sencha loose leaf (Organic), Single origin: Kagoshima, Japan ​Variety: Saemidori (single cultivar), Manufactured by Birouen in Kagoshima, Japan. Birouen teahouse has 140-year history in tea business. This sencha won gold medal at North America Tea Conference in 2018.

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Jesse E.
United States United States

Very tasty tea!

Very tasty, and fresh tea! Just make sure if you buy this you have a proper tea steeping spoon as it doesn't come in bags.

Stefanie S.
United States United States

Great tea

Great quality tea! Thanks so much!