A New Idea of Father's Day Gift

Hello all my tea friends!!

Do you remember there is an important holiday in this month?

Yes, it's Father's Day!!

Are you tired of thinking gift for holidays? We have a new father's day gift idea for you.

Tea is a kind of popular beverage with many health benefits, it contains a lot of nutrients, such as catechins, caffeine and amino acids. It improves your mood and brain function, and also promotes relaxation.

There is nothing better than a relaxation gift to a hard-working dad. So tea will be your new choice this year!

smile tea products

We provide

*Super food - ceremonial grade Matcha

*Japanese green tea (loose leaf type and tea bag type)

*Hojicha (a tea with very good aroma and which you can drink even before bed time).

You can choose some teas that your father would like, or just buy a set for your TEARRIFIC dad!

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