Who we are

Since 1881, our family-owned tea company has been sourcing and growing the highest grade organic green tea matcha in the pristine mountains of Kagoshima Prefecture at the southernmost tip of Japan. We hope our teas bring a smile to you and your family, with every sip.  

What is the SMILE TEA?

Organic, Matcha, Greentea, Japanese, Traditional

Story of SMILE TEA

Based in Kagoshima, Japan, Birouen Tea House (美老園 in Japanese characters) has served Japanese green teamore than 130 years.Birouen means "age gracefully" and our Tea House has aged together with local people and Japanese tea ....

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From Kagoshima

We are most historical tea manufacture/tea house in Kagoshima Japan.  Our tea master "5th generation CHASHI" is brushing his technique every day based on inherited traditional technique....

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Organic farm

40 years have passed since I got into the tea business. In the Kirishima tea fields where the temperature difference between day and night that is suitable for fragrant tea leaves, with organic compost such has grass and cow dung, we grow 100% non-pesticide Yabukita, Okumidori, Saemidori, Asanoka and 12 other varieties....

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