Birouen Tea House in Kagoshima, Japan

Established since 1881

 Birouen Tea House has over 130 years history. 

We are most historical tea manufacture/tea house in Kagoshima Japan.  Our tea master "5th generation CHASHI" is brushing his technique every day based on inherited traditional technique.

Where is  Kagoshima?

Most southern part of JAPAN. Kagoshima is mild climate and spring harvest season has coming earliest in Japan. 


Why Kagoshima?

Kagoshima is volcanic region, there has many active volcanoes around Sakurajima. So unique soil by volcano ash like a Napa valley and Sicily is suitable for growing tea plant, and tea plant is vulnerable to cold so mild climate of Kagoshima is also suitable same as well. Further in Kagoshima is focusing on organic cultivation in order to toward realizing sustainable society with considered global environment.