Benefit of Matcha

Matcha is a powdered green tea, so we can assimilate all nutrients while we drink it. Matcha was noticed that it contains several nutrients which are really good for our health.

Below are some main benefits of matcha.


Refresh: Caffeine amount in matcha is almost as high as in coffe, so it makes people refresh. But there is also theanine, which makes people feeling relax in matcha, so the caffeine  is not as strong as it in coffee.


1. Aging and Dementia Prevention: Matcha is rich in catechins. The most biological active catechin in it is called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), it can prevent hardening of the arteries and reactive oxygen species losing.

2. Boost immune & Cold Prevention: Catechin can help with Macrophage activation, and kill virus.

3. Burn fat (calories): Catechin can absorb and burning body fat.

4. Bad breath (halitosis) Prevention: Catechin is a kind of Flavonoid, and Flavonoid is one of the ingredients of gum, so it has effect of deodorant and disinfection. There is also Fluorine in matcha, so it also helps fight cavities.


Theanine is a kind of amino acid. Matcha contains up to 5 times as much L-theanine as regular green tea.It makes people relax and improve sleep quality.


Make skin better: Matcha contains a lot of vitamins especially vitamin B, it helps for skin problem, vitamin C helps for making collagen, and vitamin E helps for antioxidant effect.


Constipation Prevetion: Matcha contains amount of fiber. It can improve bowel movement.


Although matcha contains a lot of nutrients, but our body cannot absorb that much if we overdrink it. Matcha is suggested to drink about 5-6 times in a day, and 100ml each time.

Traditionally, people mix a teaspoon of matcha powder with hot water.

Recently, there are many new ways of using matcha, such as matcha latte, matcha smoothie, matcha lemon tea, etc. Besides, you can also create any others matcha drinks that you like.

Let's drink mathca and have a healthy life together!!