Benefits of Hojicha

In the last post, I shared a brief introduction of hojicha. Today I would like to share some benefits of hojicha. Many people think that roasting greent tea make it less healthy, but actually it is not!!

According from some researches, I sorted out some benefis of hojicha as following.

benefits of hojicha


①catechin have effect of antioxidant, and antibacterial.

②it also reduces body fat and blood cholesterol.

③and it can suppress hypertension and blood sugar.

2)AMINO ACIDS (Theanine):

amino acid makes people relax. It decreases blood pressure protect neurons, and improve sleep quality.


hojicha contains vitamin B2, C, E, beta-carotene, and folate, etc.

①vitamins have effect of antioxidant, anti- aging

②prevention of cold and lifestyle related diseases

③and it can also reduce stress and sustenance of visual acuity at night.


①chlorophyll has prevention and treatment of anemia intestinal disorders

②it has regulatory effect of blood cholesterol, antibacterial effect

③and it can discharge some harmful metals


Overall, hojicha is full of nutrients and it's suitable for everyone to drink in the morning or even before go to bed.

And these are all about the main benefits of hojicha, thank you for reading our article!!

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