How to make matcha at home?

Matcha is now using in lots of beverages or desserts in whole all over the world, but actually matcha is from Japan, and it was used to drink in the tea ceremony.

Today I would like to share an easy way to make matcha at home.

*Thing to prepare:

First, the things you need to prepare are a tea bowl, tea whisk, tea scoop, fine mesh sieve(option item), 70ml hot water in 80℃, and a dry cloth. (If you don't have tea scoop, it's also okay to use a regular tea spoon).

Step 1. Pour boiling water into the bowl and gently whisk the tip of tea scoop in the hot water. This warm up the bowl and soften the bamboo tines, making tea scoop flexible for effective whisking action.

Step 2. Discard the hot water and dry the inside of the bowl with a dry cloth.

Step 3. Scoop 1 tea spoon(=1 1/2heaping tea scoops) matcha into a fine mesh sieve over a tea bowl. Then sift your matcha into the empty bowl. This will ensure there are no clumps and will makes your tea smoother.

Step 4. Pour the hot water into the tea bowl that you just add matcha in it.

Step 5. Gently combine the matcha and hot water by the tea whisk till it blends well.

Step 6. Whisk your tea quickly in a zig zag motion until the tea is frothy.

Step 7. Then you can enjoy your matcha green tea now!!

Before drinking your mathca, I recommend you to eat a sweet, like Japanese dessert or white chocolate, it makes you feel more delicious of the matcha. :p