Relaxing time in Kagoshima

Kagoshima is the southernmost tip of Kyusyu, Japan. It is composed of volcanic mountains and has a variety of natural sources. There are World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites here, and also many different kinds of beautiful scenery to enjoy, such as waterfalls, hot spring and flower-viewing spots.

In the spring time, flower are blooming everywhere. We found some little purple flowers nearby the tea farms.

Azaleas are also blooming in the whole mountain. The vivid pink color really caught my eyes when I was walking in the green forest.

Wiesterias are best to see in late April to early May. It symbolizes immortality and sensitivity. The tenderness of wisteria always makes me think of our SMILE TEA sencha. It tastes sweet, smooth and easy to swallow. If I have a chance to drink our tea in a wisteria garden, it might be a blissful time for me!

In Kagoshima, volcanic mountain chains are distributed throughout the Prefecture, so the soil here contain high nutrients. This is one of a reason why plants in Kagoshima looks healthy, delicious and beautiful.

In the picture above is Sulfur Valley Geothermal Scenic Area in Kirishima city, the northern Kagoshima.

And because of the volcanic activities, there also have many waterfalls in Kagoshima Prefecture. Any of them looks very relaxing.

In the picture above is the one we went this time. Its name is called MARUO falls, where is also in Kirishima city, the northern Kagoshima.

In conclusion, Kagoshima is a place that full of nature sight and it is the 3rd largest agricultural production site in Japan. It's also the second largest producer of unprocessed tea after Shizuoka Prefecture. If you are a tea lover and having a chance to travel in Japan, I highyly recommend you to visit Kagoshima. I promise that the scenery, food and tea here won't let you down!! :))